Mundus Magica is an urban fantasy, 21st-century, magepunk world that treads the line between utopia and dystopia. Skeletons, automatons, and catgirls squeeze against each other on crowded subway cars, each of them just another cog in the vast machinery of enterprise and exploitation that makes the world go round. The proliferation of magitech has raised the standard of living for many, but it has also thrown the divide between the Old World and the New into stark relief, and the endless drive for new arcane advancements results in cataclysmic disasters on a regular basis. But this unstable equilibrium is about to tip over. Strange sightings of individuals harnessing magical power without technical intervention threaten to upset the world order - but for better or for worse?

Mundus Magica is a setting I've been working on for a while, and these posts are my way of getting my ideas down and sharing them for others to see. I plan to work Mundus Magica into a full setting book in future, and I hope that sharing my thoughts now will help me refine them into a more polished product.