Gallery Material

This is where you can grab sneak peeks of our progress on the project, as well as additional adventures set in the world of Mundus Magica.

Actus Reus

We're excited to share with you all a sneak preview of a Codex Fantasia adventure! Make your way into Psyche and test your mettle against the mysteries within.

This is a two hour adventure for Tier 1 characters, of Average Player Level 3. Check it out here.

Please note that this is playtest material and not necessarily representative of the final version of Codex Fantasia. Hence, feedback is highly welcome! If you want to participate in refining and improving the Codex Fantasia experience, do drop us an email or contact us on Twitter or Instagram!

Layout Prototyping

Work on the page layout and design is underway, and here are a few spreads of the direction we're aiming for. Check out the PDF of it here.

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